Friday, 3 October 2014

5 Dollar Prep Challenge - Week One

While I doubt a zombie apocalypse is a real possibility, I'm not so naive as to think that a disaster could never affect me or my family. It seems lately there are warnings coming from all sides. Whether it is about pandemics, shootings or natural disasters, being prepared will definitely up your odds of survival. That's why I've decide to get serious about my preps again. Part of that will take the form of this new series, 5 Dollar Preps. Every week I will dedicate $5 towards my emergency preparedness, allowing me to build up my stores without breaking the bank.
Let's get to it!

Week One

This week my $5 went to a jug of bleach and a bag of beans.
Bleach has many uses, including sanitation and water purification. And dried beans give a lot of food for the cost and amount of storage space they need, though they are a little water intensive.
Admittedly, starting with water storage would have been a little more prudent, but happily I already have some water storage in place.

Want in on the $5 Prep Challenge? Let me know how you increased your preparedness this week in the comments below!

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