Friday, 6 September 2013

Day Three Review

The first two days are over and I must say, they went pretty well.
Shape up:
I have stuck to not eating after 9 o'clock, so far I have done two pilates videos and I have been staying away from screens before bed. However I have only done my squats one out of two nights.
Pare down:
I have started decluttering my room, starting with my crafting cupboard, but it is slow going. Isn't it always though? I haven't gotten any time off yet, but I will be arranging some soon. I wrote out a new budget and so far I have been sticking to it too.
Tune in: I have been having more trouble with this one. I have meditated once, but I haven't been writing much, other than this entry.
So far I am really enjoying this challenge and am looking forward to pushing myself further to stick to all of my goals.

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