Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Day seven already? Really?

Can it really be day seven already? The weekend kind of through me for a loop and with working so many hours I seem to have lost track of the days. My challenge has been going well, although not as well as I had hoped. Here's how each area of the challenge has been going;
Shape up: I have stuck to the no eating after 9 o'clock rule and have completed 6 blogilates videos so far. My goal was five so I've passed it already. Most of these videos are fairly short, but man does Cassie get intense! Unfortunately I have not stuck to my goal of doing my squats every day and have been averaging every second to third day, which is still better than what I was doing.
Pare down: The decluttering has slowed, but I did organize my closet this morning (not a small task!) and managed to eliminate a few pieces that I no longer need. I am planning on further paring it down and am once again playing with the idea of project 333. I love it, but I have such trouble sticking to it for the full three months. Perhaps if I take my inspiration from this challenge and shorten the timeline I might be able to see it through.
Tune in: This area is still tricky for me. I have always wanted to be the kind of person who meditates, but I can never get there. Maybe some soul searching is needed to find out if this is something that I actually want or just think that I want. I have been writing lately but not really journaling. I figure that any writing is better than no writing, so I'll take it!
I'd love to know how every one else is doing! Tell me in the comments below!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Day Three Review

The first two days are over and I must say, they went pretty well.
Shape up:
I have stuck to not eating after 9 o'clock, so far I have done two pilates videos and I have been staying away from screens before bed. However I have only done my squats one out of two nights.
Pare down:
I have started decluttering my room, starting with my crafting cupboard, but it is slow going. Isn't it always though? I haven't gotten any time off yet, but I will be arranging some soon. I wrote out a new budget and so far I have been sticking to it too.
Tune in: I have been having more trouble with this one. I have meditated once, but I haven't been writing much, other than this entry.
So far I am really enjoying this challenge and am looking forward to pushing myself further to stick to all of my goals.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

10 Day Declutter Your Life Challenge

Today I joined Courtney Carver's 10 Day Declutter Your Life Challenge. She gives a great starting point and then gives you room to create your own guidelines. So here are mine.
Shape up:
Food: no eating after 9 o’clock (I work until 7 most nights so dinner tends to be late)Move: do at least 5 pilates videos over the course of the challenge, as well as doing my squats dailySleep: no screens 1/2 hour before bed, I will read an actual paper book before bed insteadPare down:Home: declutter my bedroom, switch over my closet to my fall wardrobeWork: my job is going through a big change right now and has me working a lot of shifts, so I’m hoping to book off at least 2 days this monthMoney: re-do my budgetTune in:Brain: daily 5 minute meditation practiceHeart: start a gratitude journal, reach out to at least 3 people I have fallen out of touch with.

I've put these guidelines up on sticky notes where I can see them to help remind myself. So far I'm sticking to it, but it's only the first day and it's barely even half way over yet! I'll be checking back in with my progress and letting you know how it goes.