Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Notes from the quiet

I've been somewhat absent this week, I think part of it has to do with my gardening season coming to a close. We've had our first frost (bye bye basil) and unfortunately it caught me somewhat off guard and a few of my potted plants on the deck died off. However we still have one raised bed producing and quite a few of my herbs are still hanging in there.
However, I have felt my enthusiasm in the gardens wane somewhat with the winding down of the season. I find that I don't mind it though, it gives me a sense of being in tune with natures rhythms. Instead of being drawn outside I feel compelled to 'put up the harvest' so to speak and find myself making jams and applesauces from the local pears and apples.
Over the next few months I'll probably shift my focus here to linking to information on canning and other forms of preserving your harvest.
Also, as I get closer to the start of the tiny house build you can expect to start seeing more info on it as well as 'homesteading' plans for next year.

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