Monday, 1 October 2012

First Day of Project 333

Happy first day of P333!
I managed to get my list done last night and I think this should cover everything I’ll need, but I am giving myself the first week to make any changes that are needed (pretty standard procedure) and if anything gets stained/torn beyond saving then I will replace it.
So here it goes…
1.       White tank
2.       Coloured tank
3.       Black tee
4.       Coloured tee
5.       Print tee
6.       Grey ¾ sleeve shirt
7.       Pink blouse
8.       Black turtleneck
9.       Pullover sweater
10.   Grey zip down hoodie
11.   Navy zip down hoodie
12.   Gray Roots Hoodie
13.   Beige cardigan
14.   Green dress
15.   Sweater dress
16.   Fancy dress
17.   Navy pants
18.   Black jeans
19.   Blue jeans
20.   Skinny jeans
21.   Dress Pants
22.   Warm tights
23.   Yoga pants
24.   Green pants
25.   Pleather jacket
26.   Black trench
27.   Tan jacket
28.   Winter coat
29.   Knit hat
30.   Wool cap
31.   Striped scarf
32.   Floral scarf
33.   Mittens





What's on your list? Leave a link to your blog/site in the comments and I'd love to check out your P333 journey!

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