Sunday, 30 September 2012

Project 333

I stumbled across project 333 a few months ago when I first started taking a serious look at all of the stuff I had stashed around the house. I love the idea of pushing yourself to see just how little you really need. Plus I could honestly use a little help in the clothing department. I love sales and have been known to shop for entertainment and so my rather large closet is rather full (the bar was once pulled out of the wall from the sheer weight of the hangers, ugh). I have already donated at least a bag and a half of clothing and my closet still feels cramped. So I've decided it's time for drastic measures.
I'm taking the plunge.
I'm joining project 333.
If you don't know what it is I suggest starting here. But basically it was started by Courtney Carver and the point is to dress using only 33 items for 3 months. Underwear, socks, in-home lounge wear and exercise wear traditionally don't count. However I have decided to count my exercise wear and instead make my barn clothes exempt. I'm a horse girl and live in the same house as my Dad who is allergic, so I can't wear anything that goes to the barn in the house. That means having doubles of things like jeans and coats that would quickly eat up my 33 items. I have also decided not to count shoes or jewelry this round as I already have them down to a reasonable number. The last exemption is my scrubs; I work at a vet's office and have to keep a few pairs on hand because you never know what nasty things you will be cleaning up. I figure most nurses don't count scrubs, so neither will I. After all it's not like I'm wearing them around for the sake of fashion.
I have my list almost done and will be fine tuning it tonight before the project's start tomorrow. I will post the list tomorrow and will hopefully have a group shot for you at some point.
Anyone else feel like joining in?

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