Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Confessions of a Garden Anarchist

This is my favorite corner of my garden.
This little raised bed produces so much and asks so little. The very sight of it makes me smile. The plants practically spill out over the sides. It is bursting with life.
I have to confess I am a low maintenance gardener. I water regularly, weed rarely and have yet to mulch (don't worry I will). I have always loved the look of a garden that is bursting with life. Weeds do not bother me, in fact some of them are delicious.
My favorite gardens are the old, English, walled gardens that have been allowed to grow wild. I love the sense of contained chaos in these gardens. I think that is why I love this garden. The structure of the raised box contrasts perfectly with the vivaciousness of the chard and it makes my heart sing.

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